Selected Assignment/Projects

2014-19 CIEM/DFAT Australia Viet Nam Economic Reform Program. Part-time Senior Advisor. Program aims to sustain progress with economic restructuring and to generate improvements in productivity via more inclusive, innovative and sustainable growth by supporting reforms to: (i) improve the investment climate and economic institutions in line with national interests and international agreements; and (ii) improve factor market efficiency. As the senior international advisor, provides ongoing support to applied policy research initiatives covering the business enabling environment, corporate governance, State Enterprise reform, competition policy, land management and restructuring the rural economy, as well as supporting overall results reporting and helping to identify and recruit specialist international expertise in these areas.

2018-19 DFAT/AANZFTA: Evaluation Team Leader. Independent Review of the AANZFTA Economic Cooperation Support Program (AECSP), including case studies on support for the AANZFTA investment and IP chapters.

2018 ADB/Cambodia. Evaluation. Supported strategic evaluation of ADB country strategy program for Cambodia. Findings used to shape the development of new strategy of ADB support to Cambodia.

2017-8 DFAT/ERIA/Laos/Cambodia: Team Leader. Investment Design for Australia’s Support to Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), including support for outreach programs in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

2016 Viet Nam 2035 Report. World Bank/VN Institute for Development Strategy. Led the drafting of introductory chapter evaluating the political economy and results of Viet Nam’s economic reform process since the 1980s.

2016 Viet Nam. World Bank/Ministry of Planning and Investment. Policy Research. Evaluation of the Role of the State in Viet Nam’s Economic Development. Advised and coordinated the work of four national research institutes researching and drafting background research papers. Led the drafting of an overview paper and proposed reform agenda.

2015 ADB/Philippines. Evaluation. Supported review of ADB program for the Philippines as input to new country strategy.

2015-16 WB/Viet Nam. Economic Institutions. Supported study and preparation of Government evaluation of efforts to develop and reform economic institutions to facilitate the transition to a more competitive market economy. 

2014-15 ERIA/Regional Economic Cooperation Partnership (RCEP). Trade Economist. Prepare briefing paper with options to assist in negotiating Economic and Technical Cooperation (ETC) activities under RCEP. Met with RCEP ETC working group in Indonesia (Bali) and India (Delhi) to discuss report.

2014 WB/Viet Nam. Team Leader/Economist. Led a small team responsible for preparing an overview discussion paper on Financing Viet Nam’s Development in the post-2015 period.

2014 AusAID/Viet Nam. Peer Review of Country Strategy Evaluation Study.

2010-14 Viet Nam. Beyond WTO Program. Multi-donor. Senior Advisor. B-WTO supported applied policy research, evaluation and dialogue, and training related to: (i) building market economic institutions; (ii) social and economic impacts of integration; (iii) building capacity of Government agencies to manage and coordinate integration; and (iv) provincial level integration initiatives. Worked with national Senior Advisory Group to establish research priorities, evaluate proposals, and implement outreach activities, beneficiary impact assessments, and ongoing program evaluation.

2013 ASEAN/AusAID. Team Leader. Regional Cooperation. Evaluated AANZFTA Economic Cooperation Support Program. Reviewed options for AusAID support for proposed Regional Cooperation Economic Partnership (RCEP).

2012-13 Thailand. ADB. Economist/Growth Diagnostics/Regional Cooperation. Support to ADB growth diagnostic study for Thailand and to drafting of ADB’s Thailand Country Partnership Strategy 2012-16. Lead consultant with particular focus on macro-economic, private sector development, knowledge services and regional cooperation and integration. 

2012 South Asia. Evaluation of AusAID Regional Support for Governance. Led cluster evaluation of Australia’s partnership programs with ADB and WB in South Asia, identified lessons learned, and provided recommendations to guide future engagement with MFIs in South Asia. 

2012 Egypt. GIZ/AusAID. Private sector economist in joint appraisal mission for an Employment Promotion Program.

2009-12 Laos. AusAID. Aid Effectiveness Expert/Economist. Ad hoc advisor to AusAID in implementing poverty reduction program focussed on green growth, trade, investment and business development reforms and institution building. Evaluated multi-donor support aimed at helping Laos negotiate WTO accession. Prepared a paper: “General Budget Support to Laos: Issues and Lessons from International Experiences” as input to AusAID planning process. 

2011 Thailand. ADB. Evaluation of ADB Country Partnership Strategy and options to improve knowledge services.

2011 Egypt. AusAID. Private sector specialist/economist. Helped evaluate options for employment generation support.

2011 Indonesia. ADB. Peer Review of ADB’s Country Partnership Strategy for Indonesia.

2010 Caribbean. AusAID. Economist/Private Sector/Access to Finance. Responsible for assessing priorities and options for programming the Economic Resilience component of AusAID’s support to the Caribbean region.

2009-10 Viet Nam/Laos/International. Luxembourg Government. Programme Evaluation. Team Leader for evaluation of development cooperation with Laos and Viet Nam. Responsible for study design; supervision of 6 national consultants; preparation of consolidated report; and presentation of findings to key stakeholders.

2009 ADB/UNESCAP. Evaluation of Cooperation Agreement. Led mid-term evaluation of MOU on cooperation between ADB and UNESCAP and provided recommendations for an enhanced and more effective partnership. 

2009 Viet Nam. MPI/DSI/UNDP. Strategic Development Planning. Senior Advisor to Development Strategy Institute in project to help develop Viet Nam Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2011-2020.

2008-09 Viet Nam. MPI/ADB. SME Development. Consultant Team Leader helping formulate a policy White Paper aimed at improving the business-enabling environment to support SME competitiveness and growth. 

2008 Hong Kong. City University of Hong Kong. Resource person: Viet Nam, East Asia & Beyond.

2008 EU. Viet Nam Private Sector Support Programme (VPSSP). Part-time leader of multi-national team supporting private sector development by reducing regulatory and administrative compliance costs at national & sub-national levels. 

2008 Philippines. ADB. Evaluation Specialist/Team Leader. Provided advice and drafted completion study of ADB’s 3-year country strategy for the Philippines, including lessons learned for future ADB operations. 

2008 Viet Nam. MOIT/WB. Trade Policy Advisor. Provide comments and provide suggestions for strengthening the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Beyond WTO Action Plan. 

2008 Viet Nam. MPI/UNDP. Team Leader/ Decentralization Support Programme. Led mid-term review of a multi-donor supported program of support for local government capacity building.

2007 Viet Nam. “Issues Paper on Local Development Strategies”, MOLISA/ILO Employment Forum.

2007 Australia/Viet Nam. (ANU). Economic update paper for Viet Nam Update Conference. 

2007 Viet Nam: Government of Norway. Appraisal: Support to National Business Registration System. 

2007 Viet Nam: ADB. Results Based Planning. Advised on developing management systems for periodic monitoring of development outcomes from ADB supported development programs.

2007 International: WB/IFC. Peer review of joint-donor guidelines to improve business-enabling environment.

2007 Viet Nam: EU. Team Leader: Private Sector Support Programme Evaluation. Evaluation of programme supporting regulatory reform (local, provincial and national), local economic development, and business incubators.

2007 Viet Nam. Danida. Private Sector. Senior advisor to team evaluating support to promote local economic development, and the development of the formal private sector.

2007 Viet Nam. Impact evaluation of foreign invested university. Assessed expenditure and other regional socio-economic impacts. Suggested improvements in monitoring systems to better assess future impacts.

2007 Afghanistan: ADB. Economist/Strategic Planning Consultant. Helped formulate a results based strategy to guide ADB operations in Afghanistan. Focus of new strategy was on road, power, and rural infrastructure development.

2006-07 Viet Nam. ADB. Trade Development Assessment. Assisted in review of bottlenecks to trade development. Reviewed impacts of WTO accession on demand for improved quality standards, food safety, and quality control

2006 Asia. Donor Committee for Enterprise Development. Presented opening paper on lessons learned from support to improve the business-enabling environment in Asian Economies at international conference in Bangkok. 

2006 Viet Nam/Laos/Cambodia. World Bank. Private Sector Strategy. Reviewed private sector development trends; market failures and binding constraints; and government strategies and priorities as input to strategic plan.

2005-06 Viet Nam: ADB. Strategic Planning. Helped formulate a new results based strategy to guide ADB operations in Viet Nam, focussing on using ADB resources as a catalyst to mobilize increased private sector investment in infrastructure.

2006 Laos: Committee for Planning and Cooperation (CPC/NERI)/UNDP. Private Sector Development.  Identified key bottlenecks to private sector development (causes of informality). Recommended changes to five-year plan to strengthen focus on private sector development and investment and regional economic cooperation. 

2005 Asia Pacific: ADB. Evaluation Consultant/Team Leader. Led a review of the multi-donor Governance Cooperation Fund (GCF) administered by ADB. Proposed changes to cost-effectively achieve fund objectives. 

2005-06 Viet Nam: GTZ. Policy advisor: private sector/SME policy, draft guidelines on regulatory review and RIAs.

2004-05 Greater Mekong Subregion: ADB. Sub-regional Economic Corridor. Team Leader for study on actions to mobilize private investment to complement public investments in GMS economic corridor infrastructure.

2004-06 Viet Nam: AusAID. Economist - Private Sector. Part-time member of Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Provide expert advice on program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

2003-04 Viet Nam: World Bank. Case Study for World Development Report 2005. Prepared a case study on Enterprise Law reform processes in Viet Nam and impacts on business development.

2003-04 Viet Nam: CIEM/UNDP. Regulatory Reform/Private Sector Development. Team Leader/advisor. Helped design study and support domestic consultants undertaking provincial level case studies of private sector development.

2003-04 Viet Nam: USAID. Viet Nam Competitiveness Initiative. Part time private sector development policy and regulatory reform advisor. Helped develop a “toolbox” to help improve regulatory reform processes.

2003-04 Laos: Committee for Planning and Cooperation (CPC)/ADB. Northern Region Development Strategy. Strategy for subregional cooperation to reduce barriers to private investment; directing public expenditure to address priority needs, and; improving linkages with neighbouring countries. 

2003 Viet Nam: Danida. Private Sector Development Strategy Mission. Economist for concept design mission.

2002-03 Greater Mekong Sub-region: ADB. Working Group on Agriculture (WGA). Team Leader. Organized consultations on modalities and priority areas for GMS cooperation to address priority agriculture sector bottlenecks. Prepared and presented issues paper discussed at WGA Inception Meeting. 

2002 Viet Nam: GTZ/Donor Committee for Enterprises Development. Prepared a Viet Nam case study on donor support to improve the SME enabling environment. 

2002 Viet Nam: World Bank. Survey of Performance of Privatised and Partially Privatised Firms. Helped to design questionnaire and implement pilot study. Assisted with survey analysis and reporting.

2001-02 Viet Nam: ADB/Japan/World Bank. Multi-donor Evaluation. Economist in team working with the Government to review application of the comprehensive development framework (CDF) principles. 

1997-01 Viet Nam: CIEM/WB/UNDP. Business Regulation Reform. Team Leader. Outputs included a new unified Enterprise Law and related regulatory reforms that reduced barriers to private sector development. Developed capacity in applied research, regulatory drafting, and in strengthening consultative processes.

2001 Cambodia: World Bank. Trade Policy Review. Development Economist in a joint WTO, IMF, ITC, UNDP, UNCTAD, and WB team working the Ministry of Commerce to facilitate WTO accession. 

1995-01 Viet Nam:  Economist. Assisted Ministry of Planning and Investment prepare for Consultative Group meetings.

2001 Lao PDR: ADB. Environment Safeguards in Infrastructure Development. Assessed economic and fiscal impacts and issues related to improving environmental safeguards for investments in power and transport infrastructure. 

2001 Viet Nam: MPI/UNDP. Private Sector Development. Economist Resource person advising on preparation of five year plan and administrative reform to promote private sector development and investment. 

2001 Lao PDR: Economist/Strategic Planning. ADB Country Strategy Study –Lead Consultant helping develop ADB strategy in consultation with government, private sector and other stakeholders.

2000 Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal and Sri Lanka (ADB). Economist. Evaluated study of the effectiveness of ADB policy based lending programs in selected Asian economies. Evaluated both results and processes used to support policy and institutional reforms, and made recommendations for future support.

2000 Lao PDR: Public Investment Planning (State Planning Committee/ADB). Economist Worked with Lao counterparts to assist in assembling and presenting sector background material, strategies, issues and sector investment plans for a national three year rolling public investment plan.

1999 GMS/ADB: Evaluation of Greater Mekong Sub-region Program. Team Leader- Lead consultant for overall impact evaluation study and responsible for undertaking impact studies on support to transport and economic corridors. 

1995-99 Viet Nam/Australia: Economist. Australian National University. Resource person for Viet Nam Update Conference.

1998-99 Nepal: Economist/Strategic Planning. ADB Country Operational Strategy Study – Helped draft and negotiate strategy in consultation with government, private sector and other community groups.  

1998 Viet Nam: Economist. APEC Economic and Corporate Governance - Member of team that prepared a survey report to APEC leaders meeting on initiatives to improve economic and corporate governance.

1998 Philippines:  Evaluation Economist. Palawan Integrated Area Development Project (ADB) –Post-evaluation of impacts of agriculture, irrigation, livestock, and ports components of this Project.

1997-98 Viet Nam:  Policy Analyst. Embassy of Sweden, Hanoi - Research on policy and institutional issues facing State, domestic private and foreign investors, and proposed options for donor support to private sector and SME development.

1997-98 Viet Nam: Economist. Enterprise and Industry Policy Study (ADB and MPI) – Prepared and presented papers on regulatory and institutional reforms needed to achieve greater equity between private and State enterprises.

1997 Fiji:  Rural Development Economist. Sigatoka Valley Rural Development (ADB) - Assessed Project impact, re-estimated EIRR, and analysed design problems and the impact of major policy reforms.

1997 Viet Nam: Business Economist. Regulatory Environment for Business (WB/UNDP) - Formulated a four-year TA program to strengthen CIEM capacity in applied policy research related to business enabling environment reforms.

1996-97 Viet Nam: Policy Advisor. Agriculture Program Loan (ADB/GoV) - Prepared policy and program review papers to facilitate implementation of a set of agriculture policy and institutional reforms.

1996 Viet Nam:  Seminar on Industry and Trade Policy (OOG and EDI/WB). Organizer/resource person.

1993-95 World Bank/UNDP, Team Leader/Economic Advisor, Enterprise Reform, Viet Nam: Provided policy and program management advice on State enterprise reform, privatization, private sector development & regulatory reform. 

1991-93 Resident Economist, UNDP, Viet Nam: Managed development and implementation of support for Viet Nam’s transition to a market economy. 

1988-91 Country Economist, Asian Development Bank, Philippines: Led country economic and sector studies in Laos, Thailand and Viet Nam. Helped develop and implement sector development programs.

1988 Nepal: Agricultural Economist. Post Evaluation of Rural Financial Institutions, ADB 

1988 Solomon Islands/Italy: Economist. Appraisal of Rural Credit Union Project, IFAD - Reviewed constraints and options to assist development of rural financial services. 

1987-88 Thailand: Economist, Agriculture Research Planning & Evaluation, WB/Australia - Developed systems, trained staff, and advised on M&E of research performance in the Thai Department of Agriculture.

1987 Indonesia:  Project Economist. Appraisal of Irrigation Sector Project, ADB - Reviewed irrigation sector and related policies on the financial and economic viability of investments in irrigation development.

1986 Australia: Lecturer, Project Planning and Evaluation, Australian National University

1985-86 Australia: Regional Planning Economist, Bathurst Development Corporation - Estimated regional economic losses resulting from proposed compulsory acquisition of large areas of agricultural land for public use.  

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